Sunekos® 200 (2 x 3ml Vials + 2 Bottles)

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Sunekos 200 is highly effective non-surgical treatment, rather than just the fillers. Sunekos contains a patented formula of Amino Acids and hyaluronic acid, that are essential elements for the creation of healthy skin, promotes the body’s collagen and elastin and improving skin hydration and plumping wrinkles.

What are the main benefits of Sunekos 200?

Lifting or tightening effect

Treatment of the loss of skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles

Improving loss of hydration

Improving acne scarring, sun damage, dark circles and eye bag

Results can last for up to 6 month


2 x 3ml + 2 x 3ml vials (2 treatments)

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Brand: Sunekos
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