Teosyal® Puresense Redensity 1 Lidocaine (2 Syringes x 1ml Per Pack)

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Teosyal PureSense Redensity I is a unique hyaluronic acid-based skin enhancer which prevents premature skin from aging, restores skin density and maintains skin glow. Teosyal PureSense Redensity I is suitable for the face, neck and also neckline, where skin is showing signs of dryness, cutaneous slackening, sun damage and ageing.

What are the benefits of Teosyal® PureSense Redensity I Lidocaine?

Tighten skin

Prevent aging process

Restore skin density

Results can last up to 18 months

Product Details:

2 x 1ml syringes

Product Details
Size: 2x1ml
Product Range: Teosyal Puresense
Brand: Teosyal
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